Born in 1970

Lives and works in Tel Aviv

Education, Scholarships and Awards

  • Landau Foundation Prize for Painting‏
  • The Ministry of Culture and Sport Award
  • Legacy Heritage Fund Prize, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • Artist in Residence, Cité des Arts, Paris
  • Young Artist Award, Ministry of Culture and Sport
  • America-Israel Cultural Foundation Grant for a stay abroad
  • Eugen Kolb Foundation Award, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • Camera Obscura School of Art, Tel Aviv
  • Studying at the New Seminar for Visual Culture, Theory, and Criticism
  • MFA, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  • The Anglo-Israeli Photographic Award (Multi-Exposure): grant to make a project in London
1996 - 1998
  • America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarships
  • BFA, The Art institute, Oranim Academic College, Kiryat Tivon
  • America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship

Selected Projects and Solo Exhibitions

  • "Bride, Birds and Jugs", Loushy Art & Projects Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • "Lucky Chameleon", Schechter Gallery, curator: Drorit Gur Arie
  • "The matter of things", The Gottesman Etching Center, Kibbuts Cabri
  • "When the Sun Vanishes", Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • "Deliberately Random", Ticho House Gallery, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, curator: Timna Seligman (artist book)
  • "Self-Mirroring", Loushy Art & Projects Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • "Espacio Tomado", IK Projects Gallery, Lima, Peru, curator: Ilan Karpio
  • "Dangerous Art", Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, curator: Svetlana Reingold
  • "La distanza delle ragioni", Anna Marra Contemporanea Gallery, Rome, Italy, curator: Giorgia Calò (catalogue)
  • "Tunisian Bride", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • "De Kooning and Me - Family", The Gallery of Kibbutz Beeri; curator: Ziva Yalin
  • "Hand Made Bombs", C1 Gallery, Berlin; curator: Doreet LeVitte-Harten‏
  • "I Didn't Have the Heart to Wake You", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv (catalogue)
  • "In the Black Distance: Lea Nickel and Khen Shish", Ashdod Art Museum, Ashdod; guest curator: Naomi Aviv (catalogue)
  • "Fire, Smoke, and Scales", Oranim Gallery for Israeli Art, Kiryat Tivon; curators: Students supervised by David Wakstein
  • "Ornements et plis", Hagalleria, Paris
  • "This Damned Heart of Mine", Habers Gallery, Vienna
  • "Nerves Sing", Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv (booklet – text: Ktzia Alon)
  • "Transit", Kodra Visual Arts Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece; curator: Tal Ben-Zvi (catalogue)
  • "I was Kidnapped by Indians", The University Art Gallery, University of Haifa; curator: Ruti Direktor (catalogue)
  • "La Vie en Rose", Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • "Birthday", Hagar Gallery, Jaffa; curators: Tal Ben-Zvi, Naomi Aviv (catalogue)
  • "Buongiorno Giotto", Department of Photography Gallery, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
  • "The Goat and the Sesame", Antea Gellery, Jerusalem
  • "Part Time Witch", Jerusalem Artists House; curator: Nahum Tevet
  • "Henna", Beit-Hagefen Gallery, Haifa (with Rana Bishara); curator: Hannah Koppler (booklet)
  • Installation at the Protestant Church, Wadi Nisnas, Haifa (catalogue)

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • "Hard and Soft: Works from the Gottesman Etching Center", Haifa Museums, Haifa, curator: Shua Ben Ari
  • "N.F.T. One of a kind", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, curator: Maya Vinitsky
  • "Digging Down", Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem, curator: Shira Fridman
  • "The 4th Mediterranean Biennale - Living Together - Crossing Borders", Haifa, curator: Belu-Simion Fainaru
  • "Purity\Purification\Pure", BaMerkaz Gallery, Hod Ha'Sharon, curator: Nava Sevilia Sade
  • "Central 1", The Pyramid - Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, curator: Shirly Meshulam
  • "Benyamini tribe", Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv, curator: Dana Gillerman
  • "Painting from The Museum Collection", Petah Tikva Museum, Petah Tikva, curator: Sigal Kehat Krinski
  • "Flower Power", Circle1 Gallery, Berlin, Germany, curator: Carmit Blumenzon
  • "Portrait - Wemen in Art", Israeli Supreme Court Museum, Jerusalem, curator: Orna Yair
  • "|BLACK|", Ralli Museum, Cesarea, curator: Ron Bartosh
  • "This Red Red", Gottesman Etching Center, Kibbutz Cabri
  • "Local Contemporary Print", New Gallery Artists Studios Teddy, Jerusalem, curators: Irena Gordon, Tamar Gispan Greenberg
  • "The Female Side of God", Jewish Museum Hohenems, Austria, curators: Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek, Michaela Feurstein-Prasser
  • "Art Camp", The Negev Museum, Be'er Sheva, curator: David Wakstein
  • "From Inside and from outside", Gottesman Etching Center, Kibbutz Cabri
  • "(Dis)Place", Ashdod Art Museum, Curators: Yuval Beaton and Roni Cohen-Binyamini
  • "The Circle of Life", NordArt, Kunstwerk, Büdelsdorf, Germany, Curator of the Israeli Pavilion: Carmit Blumensohn; Chief Curator of NordArt: Wolfgang Gramm
  • "Fragile": ZDSLU Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia, curator: Olga Butinar Čeh; guest curators: Rachel Sukman and Hana Kofler
  • "Beuys, Beuys, Beuys", The Artists' House, Tel Aviv, curator: Liav Mizrahi
  • "Mazal U'Bracha - Myth and Superstition in Contemporary Israeli Art", Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv; curator: Carmit Blumensohn (catalogue)
  • "Confron Tation", Galerie Le Minotaure and Galerie Alain Le Gaillard, Paris; curator: Marie Shek
  • "Print Time, Works from the Jerusalem Print Workshop and Gottesman Etching Center, Kibbutz Cabri", The Open Museum, Tefen Industrial Park
  • "Momentum — Paris – Tel Aviv – Paris", Minotaure Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: Marie Shek
  • "Scar", Petah Tikva Museum of Art; curators: Drorit Gur-Arye, Sigal Kahat-Krinsky and Hila Cohen-Shneidermann
  • "Curator: Yona Fischer Beginnings of a Collection", Ashdod Art Museum, Ashdod; curator: Yuval Beaton, Roni Cohen-Binyamini (catalogue)
  • "Time of Human Experience", Inga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
  • "The Happy Mummy", Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan; curator: Mira Hannan Avgar (catalogue)
  • "The Museum Presents Itself — Israeli Art from the Museum Collection", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv; curator: Ellen Ginton (catalogue)
  • "New on Paper", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; curators: Ronit Sorek, Nirit Sharon-Debel, and Eva Sznajderman (catalogue)
  • "Day Light", Nechoshtan Compound, Tel Aviv; curator: Yoav Hirsch
  • "Recipients of the Ministry of Culture and Sports Awards", Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art; curators: Dalia Levin, Dana Orland (catalogue)
  • "Osculation Point: A Dialogue Between Image and Word, from the Benno Kalev Collection", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • "In Drawers", Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv; curator: Guy Morag-Tzepelewitz
  • "Selected Artists", Hagalleria, Paris
  • "Spring – Summer", The Gottesman Etching Center, Kibbutz Cabri
  • "League: 101 Tel Aviv Female Artists", Amiad Center, Jaffa; curator: Galia Yahav
  • "Consolation", Inga Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv; curator: David Adika
  • "Israeli Art Now", Naomi Arin Gallery, Las Vegas, Nevada; curator: Omer Shani
  • "Short Cuts", Habers Gallery, Vienna
  • "Near and Apparent: Connections and Contexts from the Benno Kalev Collection", The Open Museum, Tefen industrial Park; curator: Ruth Ofek (catalogue)
  • "Rooms of Their Own: Art, Video, and Installation", Ticho House, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; curator: Timna Seligman
  • "NOIR", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv; Curator: Ben Tzur
  • "Young Israeli Art: Recipients of the Legacy Heritage Fund Prize", Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art; curator: Olga Cohen (catalogue)
  • "Traces 3: The Third Biennale for Drawing in Israel", Jerusalem Artists House; curator: Dalia Manor (catalogue)
  • "Manual Labor", Beit-Hagefen Gallery, Haifa; curator: Dalia Markovich (catalogue)
  • "Selected Artists", Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • "The Other Sea", Jerusalem Artists House; curators: Dalia Markovich, Ktzia Alon (catalogue)
  • "Looking at the Trees and Seeing More than the Forest: from Raffi Lavie's House", Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • "Sigalit Landau, Gal Weinstein, Khen Shish", Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • "Present Now: Art of the Land 5", Reading Power Station Compound, Tel Aviv; curator: Tel Ben-Zvi
  • "Recipients of the Ministry of Culture and Sport Awards", Tel Aviv Museum of Art; curator: Ellen Ginton (catalogue)
  • "Intensive Care", Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: Doron Rabina
  • "Young Israeli Art: The Jacques and Eugenie O'Hana Collection", Tel Aviv Museum of Art; curator: Ellen Ginton (catalogue)
  • "The Promise, the Land", OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria; curator: Stella Rolig (catalogue)
  • "There are Flowers", Line 16 Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: Galia Yahav
  • "Scar", The New Gallery, Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem; curator: Hedva Shemesh (catalogue)
  • "BodyCase", RAM Foundation Gallery, Rotterdam
  • "Mother Tongue", Museum of Art, Ein-Harod; curator: Tal Ben-Zvi (catalogue)
  • "Exile: Recipients of the Anglo-Israeli Photographic Award (Multi-Exposure)", Hamumche Gallery, Tel Aviv; Wigmore Fine Art Gallery, London (catalogue)
  • Biennale degli Artisti Giovani, MACRO, Rome; curator: Alfredo Pirri (catalogue)
  • "Hidden, Latent, Unknown", Ami Steinitz Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
  • "Look Mamma Look", The Old Bezalel, Jerusalem (in the framework of Art Focus); curator: Yitzhak Livneh
  • "Artic: Recipients of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarships", Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan (catalogue)
  • "Here and not from Here", WIZO Design College, Haifa; curators: Students supervised by Anat Gateniu (catalogue)
  • "Sister", Jerusalem Artists House; curators: Shula Keshet, Rita Mendes-Flohr (catalogue)
  • "The House in Musrara 3", Musrara Gallery, Jerusalem; curator: Rachel Sukman
  • "Seeing with your Fingertips", the New Art Workshop, Ramat Eliyahu, Rishon-Lezion; curator: Sharon Barak-Bachar
  • "Artic: Recipients of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarships", Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan (catalogue)
  • "Sixty Horsepower", Installations in Wadi Nisnas, Haifa (catalogue)
  • "Gathering on the 5th Floor", New Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv
  • "Point", Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa
  • "Artic: Recipients of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarships", The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University (catalogue)